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To stay competitive, I don't list my rates publicly. Contact me about your project. I'd be happy to give you an estimate.



Every business needs a logo. This is what others identify you with. It is literally your brand and should represent you in the best way possible. I can help!


Business cards

These are the smallest and probably most important pieces of printed material. Since nearly everyone has a business card, yours needs to stand out. I can help!


Every piece of correspondance you send represents you. Why not make it as great as possible? I can help!



Like business cards, there are many brochures out there. It's important yours stand out and keep your readers' interest. I can help!


Want to stay on top-of-mind? Send out a newsletter! I can help!



Good signage means getting noticed. I can help!


Want people at your next event? I can help!



Posters are temporary signage, so a good poster also means getting noticed. I can help!

Greeting cards

Need personalized greeting cards? I make really nice ones!

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Website Design & Development

Online presence is vital.

Whether you want html or flash, I can design and develop your site from concept to finish. Ready?


Site architecture

Aside from making your site pretty, I'll make its flow intuitive. I'll organize it logically and keep your users from pulling out their hair. Ready?

E-newsletters & E-cards

Want to stay on top-of-mind without the cost of printing and postage? Send out an e-newsletter or animated e-card! These have the added bonus of knowing who opened them and clicked through! Ready?



Need a banner ad?

Want your web content to move and do cool stuff? I can do it!

Search engine optimization (SEO)

I can make your web site search engine friendly. Search engines like that, and then they reward you with higher rankings. Ready?

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Web analytics

I implement web analytics on all the sites I build, for FREE!

You will receive important data about how users find your site and what they do once they're there. Ready?



Do you have a photo you love, except for that smudge on your chin? With a few adjustments, I can make your favorite photos even better. Ready?


Illustration & Photography

I am a trained painter and photographer. Need some original imagery? I can make it!


Do you have a lot of ideas for content, but don't pride yourself on your writing? I can help!

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